Project planning often takes place years before the space is occupied. Traditional construction materials offer no flexibility, are less hygienic, and are not designed to adapt to changing technologies. mfPHD’s Fortress™ solution protects planning teams from any changes in technology and design that lead to delays and lost revenue.

During the planning process we become an extra set of skilled eyes. We work with the designers and owners to incorporate all relevant ideas and feedback to customize their space. Our team’s experience and knowledge has helped prevent many issues from occurring during the installation process due to our meticulous pre-planning. We go through the process of virtually building the room so all questions are resolved before we manufacture the panels and arrive onsite.

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Surgeons are often hired that utilize a variety of technologies or have different room preferences. Additionally, after an equipment grant is awarded, the coordination to add necessary technologies in the space can be done without multiple days of lost revenue with the mfPHD Fortress™ system. In both of these instances, these new technologies are limited to one or two rooms which creates major scheduling issues. Our product can incorporate state-of-the-art technology and associated treatment with minimal downtime. Examples of this could be the installation of a 220v outlet for an Interventional Cardiologists’ laser, or a new Nitrogen control panel to accommodate a power tool.

Massachusetts Hospital

In three years of operation there have been three changes made in this operating room in Massachusetts. These changes were made without losing any operating time and saved nine days, equaling $2.7 million in saved revenue.

Florida Hospital

In the first six months of operation there have already been design alterations made in two rooms. These changes were made after regular business hours, saving three days of operating time per room, thereby saving $450,000 of revenue, which would have been lost utilizing traditional construction methods.

Texas Hospital

The da Vinci robot training station was added to one of our existing rooms with no lost revenue or operating time. The cables were installed behind the walls around the room by simply removing panels, adding the conduit and reinstalling them. There was no need for extension cords or other temporary and dangerous fixes.

Adverse Events

In every hospital, unforeseen events can affect the usability of life-saving (and revenue-producing) rooms. Getting these rooms back online in the quickest possible time is key in maximizing outcomes. Our panels are the best way to protect against these adverse building events, such as wall damage/penetrations, electrical malfunctions and plumbing leaks or floods. Any issues with water can be handled by removing the panels and spot treating the leak. Unlike traditionally constructed rooms there is no need to cut 2’ of wall out, shutting down the room for weeks to patch and rebuild the room. The mfPHD Fortress™ system can be disassembled and reassembled in hours not days.

Massachusetts Pharmacy Renovation

Before opening, the pressure sensors were found to not work, were switched out by removing the mfPHD Fortress™ panels and did not delay the opening of the space. This helped this hospital generate an additional $75,000.

Hybrid Discovery Room


The complete mfPHD Fortress™ wall system takes three days or less to install for a 650 sq/ft OR. We are able to do this so quickly as compared to other methods because we utilize prefabricated wall panels, windows, and doors that are delivered and installed almost immediately. Additionally, our product requires no drying times, tape, bed, texture, paint, wall protection or corner guards. This reduces the number of steps and wait time in completing the project, not to mention significantly minimizing the amount of cleanup and dust mitigation required on site.

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