Our Projects

Revenue, Time & Safety Examples

Massachusetts Hospital

In three years of operation there have been three changes made in this operating room in Massachusetts. These changes were made without losing any operating time and saved nine days, totaling $2.7 million in saved revenue.

Florida Hospital

In the first six months of operation there have already been design alterations made in two rooms. These changes were made after regular business hours, saving three days of operating time per room, thereby saving $450,000 in revenue, which would have been lost utilizing traditional construction methods.

Texas Hospital

The da Vinci robot training station was added to one of our existing rooms with no lost revenue or operating time. The cables were installed behind the walls around the room by simply removing panels, adding the conduit and reinstalling them. There was no need for extension cords or other temporary and dangerous fixes.

Massachusetts Pharmacy Renovation

Before opening, the pressure sensors were found to not work, were switched out by removing the mfPHD Fortress™ panels and did not delay the opening of the space. This helped this hospital generate an additional $75,000

Project Images & 3D Presentations

NewYork Presbyterian
Norwalk Hospital