Stainless steel wall panels

mfPHD Fortress™ wall systems are ideal for the strict requirements in hospital environments.

  • Modular system that makes every wall panel an access panel
  • One of the most durable and impact-resistant systems on the market
  • Each panel is 5/8” mold resistant gypsum board adhered to and wrapped with 1mm of 304 stainless steel
  • Both single and multi-panel options are designed to fit your needs and specifications
  • Panels up to 4’ wide and 12’ tall

Lead lined windows with integrated blinds

The mfPHD Fortress™ windows are double pane with Integrated laser proof blinds. The windows are flush mounted to the adjacent panels maintaining superior hygiene and aesthetics.

  • Double pane ESGTM safety glass (6mm) or VSG
  • Integrated laser proof venetian blinds (16mm) or roller blinds
  • Option to include contact relay (e.g. for laser connection)
  • Interlocking blades ensures complete privacy and laser protection
  • Manual and powered options
  • Exposed frame is 304 stainless steel with powder coated finish options
  • Integrates with the prefabricated mfPHD wall system
  • Flush mounted installation eliminates all ledges for superior infection control
  • Radiation protection available

Non-reflective glass monitor covers for flush mounted, recessed wall units

mfPHD Fortress™ non-reflective glass monitor covers help to guard against the consequences of surface contaminants,

The covers are specifically made for flushed mounted recessed wall units and are a customized solution specifically designed for operating theaters.

We can also provide a simple recessed option for monitors.

Custom recesses for gloves boxes, cal-stats, etc.

mfPHD offers a wide range of customizable accessories, from images and logos applied behind protective safety glass or directly onto the stainless steel to recess alcoves for equipment and supplies. The alcoves allow for unlimited possibilities including:

  • TV monitors
  • Glove and disinfectant dispensers
  • Time-out boards
  • Fire extinguishers

The mfPHD Fortress™ system can also be designed for custom, integrated flush mount windows. Custom leaded glass control room windows are designed with laser-proof blinds.

Glass panels for logos/branding, time-out boards and writable surfaces

The mfPHD glass wall panels provide an opportunity to display the facilities unique branding, improve room aesthetics with graphic designs, or create a “white board” style writing surface.

  • Flush integration with prefabricated room system
  • 6 mm thick ESG safety glass or VSG safety glass
  • Backed by 1mm of stainless steel and 3/8” gypsum board
  • Radiation protection available

Any color option of powder coated finishes or custom images

mfPHD offers over 900 colors selected from the RAL or NCS color palettes.

Applied with electro-static powder coating, the colors complement the aesthetics of a modern healthcare facility while creating an enjoyable work environment for staff and improving the patient experience. 

Custom stainless steel cabinetry and work stations

mfPHD’s Fortress™ engineered solid-core casework comes in standard configurations, but can also be custom built to user specifications.

Our integration cabinet provides room for 
•electrical outlets and ductwork for proper airflow
•stainless steel slotted shelves that won’t fall out

Pass-through cabinets are also available as standard or custom built, with optional features such as drawer / shelf combinations and glass viewing windows.

Swing and sliding doors

mfPHD’s Fortress™ flush-mounted door systems provide fully integrated solid core doors for increased infection control and durability.

  • The sliding door drive is rated for 5 million cycles
  • Custom doors can be programmed to your specifications.
  • Hands-free bump bars and sensors
  • Fewer air exchanges and prevents air turbulence.
  • Doors can be lead-lined for hybrid ORs


"Infection rates in our previous heart rooms were a constant issue. We made multiple procedural adjustments, as well as, the new mfPHD stainess steel walls. They are now way below the SIR (Standard Infection Ratio) since moving into the new mfPHD rooms."


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THR - Dallas

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