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Superior Infection Control. Unmatched Durability. Unmatched Flexibility.

We are the most durable, hygienic modular stainless steel wall solution for high acuity spaces in hospitals. We provide a flexible system with a high speed solution for any hospital Operating Room, Clean Pharmacy, Central Processing Department, or ICU.


Superior Infection Control

Testing of the mfPHD Fortress™ System was completed by an independent 3rd party lab (Xenex Healthcare). The results demonstrated that the mfPHD Fortress System harbors 50% less bacteria than a traditionally constructed room.

mfPHD superior infection control

Modular Design


The Fortress™ system allows wall sections/panels to be replaced after regular working hours. Traditional construction shuts the space down for several days, resulting in a decrease in service to patients and lost revenue.

Our replacement procedure also does not require standard ICRA containment. Panels can be cut on site, although outside the space, which eliminates the requirement for containment.

When a section of epoxy wall needs replaced, it can take 6 days (on average) to replace it. With our system it can be replaced in as few as 4 hours.

mfPHD Modular Operating Rood Wall Systems at Houston Methodist Hospital


Wall Panel SYSTEMS

The Fortress™ wall panel system allows for rapid initial installation, which helps get your operating room up and running as quickly as possible. Repairing and replacing portions of the wall are simple, fast, and cost effective tasks. While repairing a standard epoxy wall can take days, the FORTRESS system can accomplish the same job in a period of about 4 hours, which eliminates costly downtime and delays in patient care.

mfPHD operating room Fortress stainless steel wall systems

Superior Quality


Extra storage for supplies and tools in an easily replaceable, clean environment. Keep your equipment in a convenient space with highly durable containment and easily cleaned surfaces.

  • Extra Storage for supplies and equipment
  • Easily replaceable, clean environment
  • Highly durable containment
  • Increased infection control and durability
  • Built for active spaces
  • Easily cleaned
  • Convenient 
mfPHD Operating Room Casework at Harris Methodist Hospital (30)

Unmatched VERSATILity 


Our modular system also supports windows, sinks, and device support for plug-ins. Our modular panel system allows any panel to be easily removed, providing complete access to make necessary upgrades.

  • Easily upgradeable
  • Windows, sinks, device support
  • Easily removable panels for quick upgrades
mfPHD Accessories at Harris Methodist Hospital (17)

Smart Functionality 


mfPHD’s Fortress™ flush-mounted door systems provide fully integrated solid core doors for increased infection control and durability. They are not only durable and easy to clean, but are built to fit active spaces. The doors come in both swing and slide styles.

  • Flush mounted, fully integrated solid core doors
  • Increased infection control and durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Built for active spaces
  • Swing and slide styles
mfPHD Operating Room Doors at Yale New Haven Hospital

Economically Superior

Unmatched Durability

Even after 3 years of use, and with a standard cleaning, The Fortress™ System’s stainless steel wall panels look brand new. The system has been tested and proven to be fire resistant for at least 60 minutes against temperatures of up to 1700 degrees.

Before after picture of mfPHD durability proof