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As North America’s premier provider of modular stainless steel room systems, mfPHD has made it our mission to set the bar higher and challenge ourselves to deliver solutions beyond client expectations. We do this by combining our proprietary solutions and techniques with meticulous attention to detail and unmatched customer satisfaction. It’s a higher standard, and one that has become our company mantra to BE AWESOME, not average.

Superior ​Infection Control

The Infection Prevention characteristics of the system are three-fold. First, the nature of stainless steel in general and specifically the grade of stainless used in the mfPHD Fortress™ system makes it easy to clean. Second, the strength of the Fortress™ system's stainless steel avoids drywall-related dents and dings where contaminants can accumulate and grow. Third, the system’s design eliminates horizontal ledges, again eradicating places where contaminants can accumulate.

Xenex, a leader in infection prevention assessment and widely known for its UV room sanitizing robots, conducted the study in operating rooms after cases were completed and before terminal cleaning. The study results showed the bacteria colony count in the mfPHD Fortress™ rooms was half of what was found in rooms built with another hard surface construction.

​Unmatched Durability

In every hospital, unforeseen events can affect the usability of life saving (and revenue producing) rooms. Getting these rooms back online in the quickest possible time is key to maximizing outcomes. Our panels are the best way to protect against these adverse building events, such as wall damage, penetrations, electrical malfunctions and plumbing leaks or floods. Any issues with water can be handled by removing the panels and spot treating the leak. Unlike traditionally constructed rooms there is no need to cut 2’ of wall out and shut down the room for weeks to patch and rebuild the room. The mfPHD Fortress™ system can be disassembled and reassembled in hours not days.

​Expedited Construction

mfPHD’s Fortress™ room system provides a flexible platform that replaces traditional drywall construction with a modular system making every panel an access panel. New and future technology upgrades can be integrated into a room with repairs or maintenance completed without room shutdowns, previously requiring days or weeks to complete. Minor repairs or maintenance to the existing MEP are now easily completed after hours, keeping the room both open and productive.

In one scenario, locating and repairing a leak with any pooled water in traditional construction can result in up to 9 days of lost revenue. With the Fortress™ system, lost days are reduced to 2.5 days. Using a $100,000 benchmark, the mfPHD Fortress™ system could save the hospital up to $650,000.00.


Surgeons are often hired that utilize a variety of technologies or may have different room preferences. Additionally, after an equipment grant is awarded, the coordination to add necessary technologies in the space can be done without multiple days of lost revenue with the mfPHD Fortress™ system. In both of these instances, these new technologies are limited to one or two rooms which creates major scheduling issues. Our product can incorporate state of the art technology and associated treatment with minimal downtime. Examples of this could be the installation of a 220v outlet for an Interventional Cardiologists’ laser, or a new Nitrogen control panel to accommodate a power tool.

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From surgery to clean room pharmacies, and sterile processing to critical care, there are numerous applications of the mfPHD Fortress™ system that provide advantages to the hospital as an innovative alternative to traditional construction. The mfPHD Fortress™ wall system provides space optimization, superior infection prevention, with immediate and future flexibility to accommodate changes in technology. Fortress™ helps deliver the optimal of care with the most hygienic and durable environment available.

Third Party Testing

Testing of the mfPHD Fortress™ System was completed by an independent 3rd party lab (Xenex Healthcare) and the results showed that the mfPHD Fortress™ System harbors 50% less bacteria than another hard surface constructed room. The testing in the operating rooms was completed after cases and before terminal cleaning. Four standard constructed rooms and four rooms constructed with our Fortress™ system were tested at the same facility, with the same cleaning staff, and the total colony count on five surfaces (Walls, Storage Cabinet Doors, Documentation Stations, Entry Doors, Monitor screens) in the standard rooms was 114 and the mfPHD Fortress™ rooms had a count of 58.

Construction and Comparison

All mfPHD work can be completed after regular working hours, while traditional construction shuts the space down resulting in lost production. ICRA containment is needed with traditional construction. However, with our Fortress™ system, panels can be removed and cut outside the space, which means that the containment can be localized and all the equipment can stay in the room. The mfPHD Fortress™ system also removes the actions of tape, float and paint, 5 step epoxy and other wall protections. Locating and coordinating the conduit is greatly simplified with simple removal of a wall panel.

​​"The operating room of the ​​​future"

-Wall Street Journal

"Our project had to accelerate three months ahead of the original to keep these four Orthopedic Surgeons happy in which promises had been made. By opening three months early the hospital was able to get an additional $12,000,000 of revenue. mfPHD was a critical part of that time savings effort, since it was OR focused.”

Kevin Davis, Senior Project Manager, Texas Health Resources

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