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Change is one constant in every environment.  When changes or replacements are needed in a room, the mfPHD Fortress™ system insures that this process is easily and seamlessly accomplished.  While traditional methods of room construction would require removal of a space from functional operation, an average of 6 days of downtime, and lost production, the Fortress™ system allows for modifications on site after regular working hours, without the added layer of ICRA containment barriers.  Fortress™ allows for the same changes in as little as 4 hours.  

Superior Infection Control

Xenex Healthcare was engaged to provide third party testing of the system. The results demonstrated that the mfPHD Fortress™ wall system harbors 50% less bacteria than a traditionally constructed room.  

Unmatched Durability

Even after three years of daily use, the mfPHD Fortress™ system can be restored to like new condition with a standard, in house cleaning. Additionally, testing of the system has proven that the stainless steel wall panels are fire resistant for at least 60 minutes at temperatures of up to 1700 degrees. 

​Expedited Construction

With a proven install time of less than three days (650 sq. ft.), the Fortress TM wall system is capable of eliminating many steps of the standard installation process.  With the Fortress TM process, eight OR’s were ready for use 12 weeks early and were able to generate an additional $12 million dollars of revenue for the hospital.


Accommodating the newest technology is a proven benefit of the mfPHD solution.  Modifications can be completed in a fraction of the time when compared with other wall installations.  Owners of the Fortress TM wall system report that 64 total combined modifications were completed in two days with zero downtime.  Fortress TM is the only system that can realize these changes while meeting deadlines. This flexibility protects the needs of patient care, healthcare providers, and facilities.

​​"The operating room of the ​​​future"

"A host of changes hold out the promise that surgery will be more efficient, more effective, and less risky for patients..."


  • Quick installation

  • Exceeds deadline requirements

  • Simple, fast and cost effective repairs and replacements

  • Elimination of downtime

  • Changes made in as little as four hours


  • Extra Storage for supplies and equipment

  • Easily replaceable, clean environment

  • Highly durable containment

  • Easily cleaned

  • Convenient


  • Easily upgradeable 

  • Windows, sinks, device support

  • Easily removable panels for quick upgrades


  • Flush mounted, fully integrated solid core doors

  • Increased infection control and durability

  • Easy to clean

  • Built for active spaces

  • Swing and slide styles

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